Executive Compensation

Romanoff Consulting’s Executive Compensation practice specializes in closely-held businesses ranging in size from under $10 million to over $2 billion. We work with directly with owners, CEOs, senior executives, leadership teams, and Boards of Directors. Our focus is on identifying ways to increase the value of the business. We do this by designing and implementing a broad range of programs which align the interests of executives with owners. We see remarkable results when leaders engender the passion, commitment, drive and responsiveness commensurate with ownership.

We begin by reviewing the overall competitiveness of executive base salaries, annual incentives, multi-year incentives, benefits, perquisites and equity plans. We conduct market analyses to establish appropriate total annual cash compensation, long-term (multi-year) cash compensation, and total remuneration (salary + annual cash + multi-year cast + benefits + perquisites + deferred compensation). Our philosophy is to pay for results -- we encourage clients to tie cash and equity compensation directly to meaningful outcomes which directly support long-term increase in company valuation.

We introduce our goal-setting approach that ties strategic initiatives directly to variable pay. We help identify key business outcomes and link participants around common objectives. We develop methods to measure and report performance. We create consistent, professional incentive plan documents using our proprietary Incentive Plan Builder tool.

We specialize in creating Phantom Equity plans. Over the years, we’ve discovered these plans have many advantages over tangible equity for owners and participants alike. Such plans allow owners to maximize and optimize the profit potential and future value of the business. Properly designed Phantom equity plans only pay participants when the value of the business increases. Owners retain the majority of the increase in company value while still making meaningful payouts to participants. A properly created Phantom Equity plan can transform a business into a compound growth machine.