Incentive Plan Builder

Incentive Plan Builder is the only online incentive plan design tool for managers. Incentive Plan Builder (IPB) offers the following value to its customers: 

1. It puts the sophisticated, fully-tested and highly successful methodology developed by Romanoff Consulting over the last 30 years into your hands.

2. This approach is affordable--the incentive plan design cost using IPB is a fraction of the price of hiring a consultant.

3. Once you buy an Incentive Plan Builder membership, consultants help you be smarter about setting goals by working with you to keep the big picture in mind and to directly link employee incentive plans to long-term company goals. We provide the discipline and support to motivate you to go through arguably the most important business process of the year.

4. You have the opportunity to view numerous relevant example incentive plans and over 180 sample measures from all types and levels of positions from a wide range of industries. IPB is both a design tool and a learning tool. You will automatically become more knowledgeable about measuring and managing performance which will make you a more effective leader.

5. Incentive Plan Builder breaks down the method of developing incentive plans into a step-by-step process. The end result is attractive, professional, standardized incentive plan documents for your employees. On a single easily understood page, your employee will see each of their measures with three levels of performance defined (threshold, target, and outstanding). Their earning opportunity for each level of performance can be seen at a glance, motivating your employees to get to work achieving their goals.

6. At the end of the performance period, you will describe the level of performance your employee achieved and calculate their payouts for each measure. You then generate the finalized incentive document where your employee can see how much money they earned.

7. We run analytics on your results. We give you feedback on whether your goal setting is too easy or too challenging. We calculate your return on investment on incentive dollars spent. You will have a report on which departments and individuals are getting the best results and how this year's results compare to prior years.

8. Incentive Plan Builder provides a central and organized place to house all incentive data. It is the place you can go for all your goal setting and incentive questions!