Job Descriptions & Competency Models

Most job descriptions are static Word documents which rapidly become outdated and useless. What's more, because the vast majority of content is boiler plate and repetitive, it is very difficult to identify what makes a job special or unique and how it differs from other similar jobs at different levels.

Our unique, proprietary Job Description and Competency Modelling process is a database-driven approach which makes it easy to identify not only all the critical elements of job content, but how one job differs from another. The job descriptions that result from our process are unusually detailed, consistent, and can function not only as job descriptions but as the basis for career paths and performance management tools. We use something called a "swim-lane" approach where all the jobs in a particular job family appear side by side on the same page and each critical element is aligned on the same same row, making it quick and easy to see similarities and differences.

Our job descriptions include Job Level, Reporting Relationships, Organization Charts, Job Summary, Education, Experience, Licensure & Certification, Key Responsibilities, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities, Career path Opportunities, Physical Demands, Performance Standards, Working Conditions, Environmental Exposures, and Mental Demands.

It all begins with detailed templates. These templates are first customized to each unique client setting. We work with you to define how best to apply these templates to your business environment. In the end, you have a consistent approach across your organization which defines discrete job levels and the criteria for slotting jobs into each level.