Market Surveys

We design and conduct custom compensation surveys for clients to help them assess the competitiveness of their compensation programs and practices against a select group of competitors. This information is a key to building a solid compensation program. Surveys vary greatly in size and complexity. Our surveys range from having only a few jobs and a select group of companies in a local market, to hundreds of jobs within an entire industry nation-wide.

[Representative Samples]

Agriculture Industry Wage & Salary Surveys

​Designed and conducted salary and benefits survey for three agricultural industry sub-sectors: cattle ranching, cattle feeding and farming. Survey included 24 management and non-management positions in 40 organizations. Survey included wages, housing allowances, insurance coverage, retirement plans, bonuses, vacation policy, work schedules, and other benefits. 

Employee Opinion Survey

Working with a committee comprised of management and employees, designed the first annual Employee Opinion Survey. This survey explored a broad range of short- and long-term issues. The survey was distributed to over 2,000 employees (including employed physicians) and senior management used the results to make important organizational changes. 

Engineering Consulting Industry Survey

On behalf of two prominent, West Coast-based engineering consulting firms, conducted a survey to determine industry pay practices. Positions surveyed included engineers, scientists, chemists, geologists and toxicologists. The survey covered over 5,000 employees in 41 companies and 10 geographic regions throughout the western U.S. Pay elements surveyed included base salary, annual incentives, benefits, and perquisites.

Executive Vehicle Allowance Market Survey and Analysis

This study was commissioned to 1) Determine the current cost of operating a vehicle in the Bay Area, 2) Identify how large Bay Area employers are reimbursing executives for vehicle operation, 3) Define the variables that influence executive vehicle allowances, 4) Determine the appropriate allowance to offset executive vehicle usage. The study analyzed various statistical sources to determine the actual cost of operating a vehicle and also involved an informal survey of nine large employers to determine how these companies are responding to the fuel crisis and the level of reimbursement they are offering to executives and other employees.

Human Resources Benchmarking Study

Conducted survey of retail compensation practices in 6 major U.S. agricultural fertilizer producers. Survey included 3,993 incumbents in 8 positions and covered 707 retail locations with over $3.4 billion in annual sales. In addition to salary comparisons, survey included 15 key measures related to the effectiveness and efficiency of human resource functions.

Multi-Hospital Healthcare System Compensation Survey of Finance, Accounting, Reimbursement & Patient Financial Services

Surveyed 33 position positions in 10 organizations located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. This unique survey concentrates on an important but rarely surveyed segment of the healthcare market -- business offices and accounting departments in multi-hospital healthcare systems. This information has traditionally been difficult to come by and this survey fills an important void.

Regional Nursing Salary Survey

Conducted a survey of 5 major medical centers and 9 regional hospitals in California’s central valley. Survey included data on approximately 2,400 Staff Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Home Health Nurses. Survey and accompanying analysis used as part of collective bargaining strategy.

Survey of Chemical Distributors

Collected and analyzed data from 3,500 employees in 47 positions from 7 major national chemical distribution companies. Data represented positions in sales, operations, marketing, customer service, finance, accounting, human resource and information technology. Data was organized into 7 geographic regions. Survey also included an assessment of supplementary pay practices and a thorough review of benefits practices.