Sales Compensation

Romanoff Consulting has extensive experience designing sales compensation programs which motivate sales professionals to achieve desired outcomes and reward them for their accomplishments. We conceive and create a wide variety of customized sales commission plans for all levels of sales professional (Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Supervisors and individual contributor level Account Executives).

​Our process begins with a review of historical sales performance and clarification, and/or development of sales forecasts. Working with senior management, we start big picture by identifying business objectives and desired behaviors. Next, we develop measures and goals to support your Company’s larger strategic initiatives.

We are equally adept at designing team and individual plans for both inside and outside sales professionals. We conduct extensive modeling and sensitivity analysis to determine cost impact based on various performance scenarios. This ensures sales professionals cover their carrying cost and provide appropriate value-added to justify payouts beyond their salary or draw. Once you’re satisfied with the expected return (both financial and behavioral) on your sales incentive plans, we create clear, consistent, professional plan documents using our proprietary Incentive Plan Builder tool.

In the end, you get documents like the one below which clarify for each sales professional exactly what you expect from them and what they’ll earn when they do it. These documents can be prepared for any performance period (annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly). Appropriate legal language governing plan administration is attached to each plan. Your final sales incentive documents will have a consistent, professional look and feel, yet be fully customized to each individual to reflect territory and other differences.