Succession Planning

Sourcing new talent from outside your organization is a double-edged sword – sure you get an infusion of new ideas and approaches, but it comes with a low probability of success. Research shows that even the best recruitment and selection process succeeds in identifying employees who are still around and successful four years later. The cost of these failures, both financial and emotional, is profound. More and more, progressive organizations are turning to succession planning – that is, grooming internal candidates for critical positions – to plan for and fill important vacancies.

Succession-planning in one of those few win-win opportunities in business – your company benefits when you have a ready supply of trained talent prepared to step into critical roles. And your employees benefit from knowing they have a long-term future with your organization that involves challenging new opportunities.

We develop comprehensive succession plans which are designed to provide advancement choices and a system of recognition which ensures employees are properly prepared to advance into more responsible roles. While our Succession Plans are highly customized, we follow a rigorous and disciplined process to arrive there:

 Step 1: Strategic Planning

 Step 2: Workforce Planning

 Step 3: Career Paths

 Step 4: Assess Talent Pool

 Step 5: Define Core Competencies

 Step 6: Identify Talent Displaying Core Competencies

 Step 7: Apply Development Strategies

Multi-Generational Succession Plan

Developed a comprehensive, multi-generational succession plan for a Telecommunications company on a Native American reservation. The three phase succession plan aims to get more natives in management positions, starting with elementary aged children, mentoring them, providing summer internships and paid internships for native college graduates and succession planning within the company to help native employees advance into leadership roles.