Kent comes with my highest recommendation. My partners and I have worked with a LOT of consultants over the past decade and there are none better than Kent. We think of him more as a trusted advisor than a consultant and his perspective is very valuable.

Justin Gagnon

Founder, CEO & President

Choice Lunch

​Kent has helped me create a high-performance leadership team by setting aggressive goals, establishing clear expectations, and building a plan for success. In my 17 years in business, I have never had such a great experience with a consultant. Thanks to his guidance, we have more than tripled our revenues in 3 years.

Jeanine Payer


Jeanine Payer, Inc.

Romanoff Consulting captured our complex business model quickly and within days pointed out growth opportunities we had not considered. My executive team has begun implementing these larger strategies and we are already generating additional revenue. Underlying Kent's success is his sincere desire to see us succeed beyond what we imagined.

Pamela J. Gordon


Technology Forecasters, Inc.

Kent Romanoff has been instrumental in our continuous business growth. He has been an invaluable resource to TechProse. He brings expertise, innovative problem solving, and focus to complex management issues. His broad experience coupled with his ability to identify root causes has saved us time and money and provided extraordinary value to our management team. I can recommend him without hesitation.

Meryl Natchez


TechProse, Inc.

Over the course of my career, I have worked numerous compensation consultants. Without doubt, the best analysis and most innovative ideas and solutions came from Kent Romanoff. Kent not only understands compensation, he also understands people, and is able to develop and implement practical, workable solutions. I have recommended Kent in the past and would do so again, to anyone needing assistance with compensation issues large or small.

Ted E. Roper

Vice President, Human Resources

J.R. Simplot Company

Working with Kent feels very different than working with other consultants. He functions more like a member of our leadership team. He has the ability to size up an organization's culture, norms and strategy very quickly. I have worked with many consultants over the years and he is far and away the best.

Debbie Goodin

Regional Vice President

Sutter Health

Kent Romanoff helped conduct an internal and external assessment of our salaries and ranges including several positions unique to our system. His systematic approach resulted in a rational and elegant salary structure consistent with our values, easy to administer, and easy for our executives to support.

Stephanie Battles

Vice President Human Resources

Daughters of Charity Health System

Kent brings so much to the planning process. He challenges every assumption and constraint (with a smile), he articulates goals clearly, and is a positive and inspiring coach. I am overwhelmed with his generosity and how he spends the time to dig into the ways in which we can expand our impact and contribution. He really listens and assimilates the background information, then helps us stretch our vision of what we can accomplish. Working with him is a pleasure; he has no defensiveness around the product or process and focuses only on expanding our organization's capacity and my capacity as a leader.

Alissa Friedman

Executive Director

Opportunity Junction

Kent is the best consultant I've worked with over the course of the past twenty years. I'm always impressed by his ability to size up issues quickly and his creativity. Beyond the typical credentials common to most successful consultants (industry experience, knowledge base), Kent's intuition ensures his strategies are on target and will be successful in the organization. His personable style and wide range of experience spanning several industries, readily builds trust with our executives and management. Kent is worth his weight in gold!

Leslie Golden

Director of Compensation

​UCSF Medical Center

I initially engaged Romanoff Consulting to design a compensation and employee reward program to maximize my firm's success. What I discovered is that Romanoff Consulting's expertise goes way beyond employee compensation. Kent Romanoff helped me fine tune my business goals and develop a detailed implementation plan to make it happen. Eventually, he was instrumental in helping me sell the business and maximize its value. I can't put a price on his contribution. It was invaluable.

George Birdsong

Chief Executive Officer

Systems Partners

As you know, my life is moving into a different mode of work. Some might call it "retirement," but others of us (that would be me) are waiting to figure it out. I wanted you to know how much I have appreciated working with you over the years. You have a way of demonstrating respect for those you come in contact with -- and I so admire your way of exhibiting this respect. In fact, I'm grateful to you for how you embody this word. Best wishes to you and all the success life can offer!

Ruth Robinson

Vice President, Human Resources

Kennedy-Jenks Consulting Engineers

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Kent Romanoff for nearly 15 years. During this time, he has demonstrated a keen ability to assess the need and to develop and deliver the right compensation tool to effectively motivate and reward members of our sales and business development teams. Kent functions as much a member of our executive team as a consultant, effectively engaging with the team and demonstrating his value through rigor and discipline -- and we have a good time doing it!

Shawn R. Athay

Vice President, Human Resources

Glanbia USA